Ton De Apel: Son of a sinner x Jelly Roll

  • Categoria: Hip-Hop
  • Artist: Jelly Roll
  • Durata 00:46
  • Calitate: 320 kbps
  • Format: mp3
  • Mărime: 1.77 Mb
  • Data adăugării: 10-01-2024 23:41

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Descarca Son of a sinner ton de apel de Jelly Roll format .MP3 de 320 kbps ca sunet pe telefon. Ascultă online alte sunete cu Jelly Roll și setează la apel, melodia Son of a sinner gratis pe Android, iPhone sau PC fără înregistrare.

Son of a sinner versuri

I'm just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I'm a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
'Cause I'm only one drink away from the devil
I'm only one call away from home
Yeah, I'm somewhere in the middle
I guess I'm just a little
Right and wrong

Videoclip Jelly Roll - Son of a sinner

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Jelly Roll - Son of a sinner
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